Podcast roka 2023

Discover the incredible journey of organizing a nationwide podcast competition that aimed to uncover the top podcasts in Slovakia and to celebrate outstanding podcast creators and their captivating content.

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About the project

Our mission was clear: to search for and identify the best podcasts in Slovakia. Through meticulous evaluations, combining visitor votes and the discerning judgment of our expert jury, we sought to recognize exceptional content creators and bring their work to the forefront. The competition spanned various phases, from nominations to the intense voting process, leading up to the exciting announcement of the winners.

With a focus on engaging the audience and recognizing talent, we took on the challenge of creating a visually striking visual identity for the competition, building a dynamic website that evolved with each phase, and implementing a robust technical solution to ensure fair voting.


A key element of the project was the development of a dynamic and interactive website. Our website underwent continuous transformation throughout each phase of the competition, providing a user-friendly platform for nominations, facilitating the voting process, and ultimately showcasing the well-deserved winners. The website served as a hub of excitement and engagement, inviting participants and visitors to explore the world of podcasts and cast their votes for their favorites.

As a satisfied client, our collaboration with the talented team at okto—digital for our nationwide podcast competition exceeded all expectations. Their expertise in design, website development, technical solutions, and strategic communication proved invaluable.

Michaela "Ryža" Lacina — CEO @ Shtoodio - podcast boutique


We recognized the importance of active communication and engagement on social media platforms. To create a buzz around the competition, we strategically leveraged various social networks, sharing captivating content, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and updates to ignite interest and drive participation. Through a combination of organic posts, engaging visuals, and interactive discussions, we successfully generated enthusiasm and connected with podcast enthusiasts across the nation.

Pitch Deck

To attract partners and sponsors, we crafted a persuasive pitch deck that effectively showcased the unique value and potential of our competition. The deck highlighted the extensive reach and impact of podcasts, presenting compelling statistics and success stories from previous editions. Through a captivating blend of visuals, data, and storytelling, we effectively communicated the benefits of partnering with us, inspiring potential supporters to join our cause and contribute to the growth of the podcast industry in Slovakia.

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