Tomia Global

A full website redesign and HubSpot website and blog implementation for tech company Tomia Global – partner for
communications service providers.

Design, HubSpot Website, Blog

About the project

Throughout our collaboration with Tomia, a prominent communications service provider, we embarked on a substantial website redesign project. Tomia offers a wide array of wholesale and inter-operator connectivity services across Interconnect, Clearing, and Network Roaming VAS. Our primary objective was to revitalize their online presence by creating an exceptional platform that effectively showcases their offerings.

Our collaborative efforts culminated in the successful transformation of Tomia’s website into a visually striking and user-friendly platform that effectively showcases their extensive portfolio of services. The integration of wireframes, animated icons, responsive design, and the utilization of HubSpot technology has resulted in a website that truly captures the essence of Tomia’s expertise and commitment to excellence within the communications service industry.


We dedicated considerable attention to the initial wireframe creation process, meticulously developing 23 essential blueprints. These wireframes served as the foundation for the subsequent design phase, allowing us to conceptualize the website’s layout, structure, and user experience seamlessly.

Animating cusom static icons handed by Tomia

Working closely with Tomia, we received a set of custom static icons that held great significance for their brand. To enhance the website’s visual appeal and interactivity, we employed our expertise to animate these icons, introducing captivating dynamic elements that enhance user engagement.


The website design and implementation phase entailed a focus on both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Our proficient design team crafted an impressive visual identity that aligns harmoniously with Tomia’s brand values while effectively communicating their extensive range of services. By leveraging the versatile HubSpot platform, we seamlessly integrated the design, resulting in a cohesive user experience that prioritizes efficiency.

Responsive design

Recognizing the paramount importance of responsive design in today’s digital landscape, we placed great emphasis on ensuring a flawless user experience across various devices. Our team dedicated significant effort to optimizing the website’s layout and interactions, allowing it to seamlessly adapt to different screen sizes and devices. This approach guarantees a consistent, hassle-free experience for users, regardless of the device they use to access the website.

"The team at okto—digital helped us transform our website during a major rebrand of our company. They brought our vision to life through an easy, and flexible design process and went above and beyond so we could launch successfully! I highly recommend them."

Michael Turcsanyi — Founder & CEO @ Goose Digital
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