Why we do it?

We’re all about staying on top of the latest tech trends. It’s like a race to learn and test out the newest trends as soon as they comes out. We do this because we want to deliver our clients innovative products that can help them get ahead. We carefully weigh the pros and cons so we can decide when it’s worth implementing based on cost-value ratio.

Up to date DevStack

Security, compatibility, performance, bug fixes, newest features and much more.

Is is a vital thing for us, to keep our DevStack allways up to date. It ensures the security of my applications and data by incorporating the latest security patches and protecting against vulnerabilities. It guarantees compatibility with the latest programming languages, frameworks, and libraries, enabling developers to leverage new features and functionalities.

Regular updates improve the performance of applications, allowing to build faster and more efficient software. Bug fixes provided through updates contribute to a stable development environment, reducing unexpected errors during coding process. Finally, an updated devstack grants access to new features, tools, and capabilities that enhance productivity and enables to create innovative solutions. By keeping devstack current, we can stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of software development

We are working with the most advanced technologies on the market

Google Cloud Platform
Adobe Creative Cloud
Atlassian Jira
Digital Ocean
Amazon Web Services

AI & Machine learning

Utilize the latest advancements in AI

Are you burdened with a vast amount of data that requires laborious manual sorting and evaluation? Don’t worry! There is a solution that can save you valuable time and resources. Let’s talk about the latest advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, designed to revolutionize data management and processing.

As part of our commitment to staying ahead, we have integrated cutting-edge AI chat companions, such as chatGPT, into our daily operations. These chat systems enable us to thoroughly evaluate their capabilities and explore their potential applications.

In addition, we are actively experimenting with a dedicated LLM model hosted on a secure private cloud infrastructure. This implementation ensures that our data remains safeguarded and that interactions with the model are both secure and up to date. By prioritizing data privacy and security, we provide our clients with peace of mind and uninterrupted access to advanced AI capabilities.

Looking ahead, we are excited to offer our clients expert assistance with AI data migrations and seamless integration of AI into their existing environments. This forward-thinking approach empowers our clients to unlock the immense value of AI in their operations, enhancing efficiency and enabling intelligent decision-making.

Big Data

A visual exploration of big data from a month of bicycle riding GPS data

We were tasked with conducting a comprehensive visual analysis of geospatial data collected over a one-month period within the regional municipality.

The objective was to utilize this analysis to enhance the planning of cycle paths for local residents. To achieve the desired outcome, our first step involved carefully cleaning and optimizing the collected data. Subsequently, we loaded the refined data into a geospatial visualization tool and by leveraging the capabilities of this tool, we created visually compelling representations that vividly depicted the existing cyclist routes and identified potential areas for improvement.

Result of our work, is an aesthetically pleasing brochure, which effectively communicates the insights gleaned from the visual analysis. This informative document serves to highlight the current pain points and offers valuable guidance for optimizing daily commuting experiences for cyclists in the region.

Augmented reality

How augmented reality can enhances your customers visual experience

Our client approached us with a specific objective of elevating their customers’ experiences within their premises. After engaging in thorough discussions, we collectively decided to develop an iOS AR application tailored exclusively for selected iPads within the building.

The initial phase involved capturing images of the desired areas to determine the optimal triggers for activating the enhanced experience. Subsequently, when customers interacted with the iPads positioned in the designated locations, a captivating multimedia presentation unfolded, offering compelling narratives about the scanned objects.

The outcome of this endeavor was a heightened level of engagement and satisfaction among customers, as they were able to immerse themselves in an enriched experience of the space.