Yacht & Fun

We were thrilled to work on a website redesign project for a yacht charter company in Croatia, as our team shares a passion for sailing and yachts.

Web, WordPress, Design

About the project

We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, as it allowed us to work with stunning images of the Croatian sea, islands, and yachts.

Our team was inspired by the beauty of the region, and we were determined to create a website that effectively showcased the client’s yacht charter services. We worked closely with the client to develop a site that was both visually appealing and highly functional.

One of the key features of the site is its integration with the online yacht booking service, Nausys, which automates the yacht booking process and saves the client time. The client was thrilled with the results of the project, and we were honored to have contributed to their success. We remain committed to delivering exceptional solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients, and we look forward to future collaborations.

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