Brand and website design for our podcast boutique Shtoodio where we create podcasts that can be listened to, watched and read.

Web, Branding, Brand Design

About the project

As podcast enthusiasts ourselves, we wanted to learn more about the production and marketing aspects of podcasting. To that end, we created a state-of-the-art facility right in the heart of Slovakia, which allows for high-quality sound recording. Leveraging our experience in digital and marketing, we also created a platform for building relationships in the industry.

We call it the “Shtoodio – podcast boutique,” and it offers more than just recording services. In addition, we can provide a complete marketing package for companies, extending our support beyond just the recording process. The Podcast Boutique is a unique platform that provides a comprehensive suite of services for podcast production and marketing, catering to the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Our first challenge was to design a logo that reflects sound while maintaining a minimalist and understated aesthetic. Our idea was to record the sound of the word “Shtoodio” and transform the sound wave into the logo design. This approach resulted in a unique and innovative logo that effectively represents our sound-focused brand identity.


From the outset, we envisioned a dark-themed website that conveys the ambiance of a studio, accentuated by highlight colors from our logo for a striking contrast on select elements. The website structure is designed to be straightforward and intuitive, allowing visitors to easily find what they’re looking for.

Our aim was to create a visually stunning and immersive experience that accurately reflects our brand identity and values. The resulting website design effectively captures the essence of our studio and provides an engaging and user-friendly platform for our clients and visitors.

Stationary branding

To provide customers with a more tactile experience, we have created a range of stationary items. These items allow customers to interact with our brand and products in a more hands-on way, helping to create a deeper connection and enhance brand loyalty.

Our goal was to create a memorable and engaging experience that resonates with our customers, fostering a strong sense of brand affinity and loyalty.

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